wood Carving.

Fruit Bowl & Fruit.

Just made this fir my wife, its my take in modern fruit shapes. Carved with Arbortech and Pfiel Swiss Chisels. The bowl is made from Silver Birch and the Fruit from Rowan. Anyone wanting a bowl carving with no fruit,… Read More ›

My latest work

Just finished this lovely baby Owl hand carved from silver Birch then mounted a a Birch base. Just oiled to bring out the grain. I love carving on i feel so privileged to be able to photograph them and carve… Read More ›

Make A Day

Is there an answer to why I have to make something everyday, an image of a bird, a landscape, people,. Make a Wood Carving from the Birch Tree, a bird, a Xmas gift. Make more toys for our beautiful Bella… Read More ›

My Hands.

Born so small my first touch my first first feeling of warmth, wet sensation heat cold, pain. Feeling my silk blue baby covers, the wood on my cot. my face features, to grip my first toy made of wood. Touching… Read More ›