Creative Art Photography

From wildlife to portrait and street photography, in 2019 I decided to try my hand at creative photography, don’t really know if that is the right term for it but that is my take on it. It can be anything from Water splashing to a bubbles floating, to droplets of water on a dandelion clock. Imagination is the key, the more creative you can be will give you more enjoyment and give you that one off image that blows your mind. After deciding to do a self portrait of myself I set a studio up in my loft and set a chair up to sit on. Then i attached a flash to my camera on a tripod set my controls on the camera. Put my hat on i got from a charity shop for £2, felt tipped an old pair of glasses and sat down with remote trigger to the camera. Sitting in a few different positions i came away with a stunning image, that many people just love. I don’t always follow the the rules of photography I like to experiment THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX


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