My Camera Outfit

Many photographers have many Camera’s and Lens but in my eyes you can only use one at once unless you have 2 or 3 camera bodies. I have always managed with on Camera until today when I purchased a Fujifilm XT30 a mirrorless camera with 26mp and packed with features from the more expensive XT3.

The reason for getting another camera is I don’t like keep taking my big wildlife lens off as on a mirrorless camera the attract dust and it can get on the sensor showing up on the image in post process. It XT30 will be for out and about for anything i come across, it takes a lovely image with beautiful colours.

Sony A7r4

This my camera that I have own since September 2019 so just coming up for 12 months. I can honestly say that the camera is the best that I have ever owned. The confidence I have when taking either a still or bird in flight is something I have never had before. The resolution and image quality is fantastic giving me lots of scope when editing.

Sony 200-600mm Lens

This lens has never let me down in close at 200 or at full focal of 600 its is a sharp as my wood carving blade.

For my portrait work with my family there is only one lens that I like and that is the Sony 85mm 1.8. Then Bokeh is hard to beat and the sharpness is outstanding as shown in my portrait work.

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