Over 5 years I have learned to make things from wood, it started with MDF making relief carving an art that you make a pattern and engrave into the wood. After research I found that the dust from MDF can harm you the lungs so off to the woods to look for something good to learn the different cuts a knife can do. I learned about wood grain and about carving green wood and how to carve seasoned wood. Wood density is something learned about quick with some early carvings splitting really bad. Eventually where we have our static caravan the woods are filled with Silver Birch and Rowan.

My Early Days

I soon realised i had to have good steel on my chisels so I invested in a make called PFiel swiss made chisels. They say razor sharp when carving green wood, and also that not to use a stone to sharpen. I made my owns Strop out of a bit of 2×2 covered in cheap leather and have used that now for 4 years with a wax of amazon. I enjoyed it so much my imagination went a bit crazy wanting to start a new project but again remembering that carving wood is to be slow and enjoyable.

Later Work

As i get more confident i make an Owl figure from memory with a 4inch Bosch grinder with a Arbortech Turbo blade, shaping it to the rough figure then carving the remainder of the bird with a off the shelf Stanley knife price. £6.. The feather detail is done with Pfiel Block cutters a small palm chisel with small v gouge ends and scoop ends.

I find it very rewarding when my work goes to a lovely person who appreciates the work i put into the carving i do for them.

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