Sony A7r4 200-600 +1.4 Ext

This is the first time out after being in a cast since April where i can capture the birds in flight. Yes there only gulls but they i can see the tracking and focusing on theses birds who give the birds in flight technique a great opportunity.

I have always had a gripe about extenders but this combination gives you more reach and gets fantastic results with amazing image quality at f9.

Look at Creatures

When you see the spider on the roof of your static van at night, leave it in peace, no more insects fly about as he sits and waits for it, making your environment insect free.

Don’t step on an ant or any creature in your pathway, stride over be kinder it will make you feel better. They all have a part to play, let the wasp or bee out by opening a window it flys away and you will feel better.

Help the creature

Colours in the distance

The soft brush gentle and with emotional feeling moved around the old wooden pallet. Colours from past paintings 🖼 all with there story and how they became famous after the artist death.

The old withered hand, ageing hands dark from hours of sun, down by the old boat 🏠. Moving with grace another beautiful masterpiece is created from his 👁 eyesight.

His old hand carved easel under arm knocking like the woodpecker, as his old leather shoes worn from walks in the country make their way back to the old log cabin.

The black and white shape of his faithful Border Colly sits waiting for his return, tail wagging as he sees his master walking towards him. He pushes his old legs up to greet him like he has done for 16 years, they meet old eyes make contact with each other.

They make their way to the fireplace and sit together, he looks up at the painting of his pal when he was young and full of life looking out over the lake, pink tongue hanging down panting in the midday heat. A painting by his hand so many years ago.

The left arm drops down the chair and touches the neck of his pal, gently rubbing him behind his still soft black and white ears, a sigh as the feeling of his masters hand moves like his paint brush with feeling and love

They both sit and look through the old shuttered window as the rain falls soflty creating a Beautiful 🌈.

Its their time both old but happy they see the Rainbow for the last time on earth. Their eyes close together and lie silent in total peace. They wake over Rainbow Bridge the Artist is a boy and by his side is a black and white border colly puppie. They walk in the green grass together and find a beautiful still lake with a boat house, he looks down and rubs his trusted friend behind his ears.

Together forever over Rainbow 🌈 Bridge.

Song of the Day

Read the words and see if you know the song.

There a Song I wake upto everyday, all different, its something I have done for years.

🌟 ⭐ night paint your pallet blue and grey, look out on a summers day, with eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Shadows on the hill paint the 🌳 and the daffodils.

5.35 AM

Awake again listening to Bryan Ferry as my Ruth sleeps next to me. I love the feeling of the next day, I can’t wait for it to start, a feeling I only ever felt when I was waiting for Christmas morning and a new toy Tank.

So my feeling is of 😊 and excitement, to be like this means so much and I never let it take over to much as I know things can change at a drop of a hat. It is that good I make things with my hands all day and look at the clock to see how much time I have left, still carving my Robin for Christmas or another Bracelet.

Is it rare to feel like this I dint know but is very self satisfying and need to tell my followers of my happiness not sadness to be truthful and honest in my blog.

It is my Therapy to make me better, I told my friend yesterday while driving I feel I don’t need to tell anymore upsetting chapters in my life, or any bad things that happened to me as a child. Yes there is lots more but my wife family and friends know how my life was formed and what I went through.

I find myself clear in my mind and wake up not feeling I have to tell any more stories all true, just a new story of new things, my birds and new adventures me and my mate AL.

Chas told me to me proud if you inspire someone to do what your doing or buy the same camera or Lens as you, learn to wood Carve or copy things you do. As they trust you and want to achieve the same as its pleasing and could make them as happy as you are.

Life will always have a Test, and i have come to understand that and know there are many more to come but waking up wanting the New Day to start is a feeling of total contentment.

My new Hobby

Needing a new wrist strap for my small Fujifilm camera came across a Paracord strap for 5 quid so I looked at it and said I could make that. Ordering green 4mm 7 Strand 550 paracord I watched a video on how to make a simple bracelet

I am now working with many beautiful colours, beads, silver and wood, making my own designs all manner of paracord gifts for all ages. I think its very important to explain how why and I do something, and the short history behind how the Paracord originated.

My Smock with 2 White Paracord

The White Paracord held the Parachute together it was something you collected if you had time after hitting the Drop Zone. They still hang on my smock from my military parachute jump.

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Opinions and Principles

Lessons learned along the way, hard lessons some that hurt some you just know not to do again. We learn to or a principle is there in our minds.

My principles and opinions are there through experience in life, I don’t stick to them through stubeness or because I am awkward. Something tells me it’s right that I should stick to them

I would not have certain ways if I knew they hurt people or cause friction and an argument. I am easy going but have old ways that are set because I believe in them. I can’t change what I think is right just to please someone and go against what I think is the right thing to do.

Do I change what is inside me all these years to keep the peace, or do I listen to reason. There not big things I stick to just a few things that I believe in and make me the man I am today.

Its only good i want to come out of every single thing I do, to help in anyway, to give advice in ant situation, stop what I do to help my friend who needs help.

Go out of my way to rescue someone from a bad day, change my plans at the last minute, cancel what I was going to do. Drop everything your doing to assist another human being you have never seen before as he struggles.

Think of the everyone else first. I do because I love helping my family and few friends, not knowing it will change my day.

So if I have a few principles or beliefs or just things I think are ✅?, is that to much to ask.

I Did It Blackies Way.


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