3s Three’s

Have you ever wondered why lots of things come in 3s, where did it come from.

The 3 elements that make an Image.

They come in 3s

Number of Bones in the Human Ear.

My 3 Piece Suit

My Tripod.

My childhood Tricycle.

3 French Hens.

3 Little Pigs.

Bronte Sisters 3

3 Sheets to the wind.

3 Feet in a yard.

3 legged race.

They say it comes in 3s.

On your marks, get set, go.

Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no evil.

The Strongest geometric shape.

Rock Paper Scissors

3 Times a Lady by Lionel Richie.

Rule of Thirds Photography.

3 Wise Owls.

3 Wise Men.

3 Wise Monkeys πŸ’

To Thrive in life you need 3 Things

  • A Wishbone
  • A Backbone
  • A Funny bone.

3 Blind mice.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

3 Little Kittens 😸 that lost their mittens

The 3 Ring πŸŽͺ Circus.

We are the 3rd planet from the sun.

Swim, Bike ride and Run. The Triathlon.

Oxygen, Heat, Fuel the Fire Triangle πŸ”ΊοΈ πŸ”₯

The 3 Degrees.

Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me.

T Junction. Turn Right. Turn Left. Turn Round.

3 Steps to Heaven.

Please Add your 3 thing.

Images from Wednesday 06 January.

The little House sparrow had a bath then sat in the sun on the pruned Rose tree in the garden. They visit everyday feeding on numerous food and love taking a bath after. This Male sat for me just so i could get his little face side on and his plumage all we and fluffed up

Male House Sparrow

Then another example of being at distance from a Widgeon flying and using the APS-C mode. This was cropped heavy but shows you what resolution you can keep combined with the Sony A7r4

Male Widgeon in flight.

Back to the garden and the beautiful Starling taken through the living room window. Detail just amazing.

Turn one thing into another

Feeling you can’t do what your used to.

Feeling the day is long.

Feeling life has changed so much in 12 months

No Pub to drink in.

No Cafe to sit in

No Shops to wonder round.

Train or bus journey.

Family time NIL.

No Kissing and cuddling The Grandchild

Mum and Dad, Granddad, Grandma precious time not possible.

To sit with a person while their last hours of life come to an end, and they want to say they love you, or you say the same words back, before they pass.

No Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas parties.

Weddings Days.

Theatres, Cinema Concerts Festivals Sporting venues.

Having your daily life taken away from you feels like life is so hard, no light at the End in sight.

Things look as there getting better, only to hear that another Strain has appeared.

I ask myself one thing.


Make a Diary explaining how things are on a daily routine.

What you can’t do.

What you look forward to.

What you can do.

Who you are with.

Who you can see.

Where you can go.

Write it down for the Future.

Because I ask a question.

If they find a Injection for the Problem

Then from Nowhere Another One Turns up in Africa.

Where is it coming from.

It Will Happen Again.


Redshank in Flight


Why i waited for the Widgeon a Redshank flew in from the left, the problem where i was filming is that the dark mud and shadows make it so hard to get a clear nice background, always looking dark. Sits not the best place for images but if they take to flight you get an area where the background is grass like on of the Widgeon images.

Widgeon from Russia Scandinavia and Iceland


I sat a watched the Widgeon today and had my camera with me, i was amazed to see the Widgeon approaching up the estuary and waddle up to the grass area on the other side. There a very shy bird and arrive here in winter from Iceland, Russia and Scandinavia. There a Protected bird and on the Amber endangered list.

My settings were just right and i had to shoot at ISO2000 but my images are ok even at that, i could only get a shutter speed of 2500.

Sadness from News

I woke up and read the news.

After writing this when I woke up at 4 I went to the toilet and when I came back I turned the light on to find my glasses, on my Headboard was an item I got for Xmas. Why I put it on the headboard I will never know as its never been put there before.

It makes you think.

First time ever I put my Hat there

When your mind goes back to 1964 your sitting on your dad’s shoulders sucking a Foxes Mint. You look round at flat caps and long dark figures all walking in the same direction. Voices mention mens names.

Red ends of cigarettes flash everywhere, the smell of Bovril fills the air. Cobbled alleyways dark and damp the sound of feet like a stampede echoes as the pace quickens.

Looking up i see lights up in the sky, square shaped shining down like a UFO onto the crowds of people rushing like cattle. A strange noise rings out as it turns when my dad pushes it, its metal and a shape I haven’t seen before. We push through, and we look up at a small entrance

The murmured voices get louder, the steps rise up so high i start to count them, men brush past mentioning names i heard on my way as we walked.

I hear Bell, he is amazing, fast dribbler, not scared to take anyone on. A man that can run so fast, light brown hair. A quiet gentleman, one I will come to admire, make a lasting impression on my mind.

Someone i want to be, a Roll model who will and is still my Idol, he will grace my Bedroom wall as I lie there in bed.

We arrive at the entrance the sound is so loud thousands of people talk of the game, we huddle together to keep warm, looking round I see Blue and White everywhere, men sing of City Till I Die, I don’t know what they mean.

A song plays that I will sing and love for the rest of my life. Blue Moon You Saw me Standing Alone.

It goes very Quiet then a Roar rings out in the cold night air, hands clap, people shout There’s Only One Colin Bell.

My eyes see for the first time a Man in a Blue Shirt, White Shorts and Blue Socks. And Brown Leather Boots. He runs with the Dark Brown Leather stitched ball. My eyes are wide, I go silent in total amazement at the Man they talk about, chant his name for 90mins. Talk about as we walk home, on the bus, in my living room on the news.

The man i will see in the England Shirt stood proud as the National Anthem is played. Whatch him score many goals Admire him as he lifts Another Silver Trophy above his head.

So I wake at 4, I am approaching 64 in 25 days, but the man I saw in 1964 is no more, my story has come to an end, his life a simple one, no media, no Boasting how good he was, just a Great Player who Graced the Green Grass of Maine Road Football Pitch and touched my heart all these years later

Rest In Peace Colin Bell You were loved as a Small Boy all those years ago, and Now as I hear of your Passing.

One thing Colin saw was the team he loved play the Beautiful Game with the Best Manager and the best players. He must have dreamt of playing with Silva Ageuro and others.

He watched hit team 10+ Trophies he went with happy memories and died peacefully.

You Rise With The Blue Moon Forever.


Camera technology has change in such a short time, but sometimes it changes and gives us better operating systems, speed, and menus most of us don’t use or can understand.

When I had my Canon 7Dmk2 I had one lens, the 100-400mk2 which was a fantastic setup for wildlife. I never took the lens off for 2 years.

So I jumped ship to Sony, with no regrets, but after all my research I didn’t see anything about Dust, marks on the Sensor anywhere In the many reviews I read.

Now I find myself changing lens and doing it safley by doing a Cleaning mode operation. Turning off the camera, facing it down to stop dust getting into the housing. Using a blower gently blowing lens and camera upside down.

Then I go out and take some nice images, come home sit down and start to edit an image and see marks on the image.

I am so careful and look after my equipment but find it very annoying and have decided the the only way to stop it happening is to not take the 200-600 off the bony. That would mean having a second Sony Full Frame for Portraits and Street photography.

My Blog

Writing and expressing myself is such a wonderful feeling, it has brought an end to my constant ending thinking of the past. Given me new hope for the future.

I never set out to have likes our comments as that’s why I left social media groups. I just wanted to share my life stories and images, my work with natural wood.

So now 6 months in I don’t look at Stats and I try and read other blogs that people from far end wide write, people who I don’t know. People I will never meet

So when I get a lovely comment, just one a week, or one a month from another blogger, writer, story teller it means so much. It means out of the population on the planet I have written something that connects with another human being.

That means more than a thousand likes.

So may I continue and keep my small but very important followers on my Life Through The Lens.

It costs nothing to say thank πŸ™ but it means so much to have it said to you.

Thank you to my Followers.

Blackie’s Photography Tips.

self teaching has its downfalls but you learn so much and by learning you put the issues to practice. So i thought it would be nice to share a few of my tips that could help you. If your new to photography or even a professional.

Card Slots

We have all done it and, rushed out and got to a location remembering that the card is in the Laptop.

Tip: carry a spare SD card in your jacket you may never need it but its there.


Yes i have done it this week arrived at the the beach weather lovely and only have %60 battery.

Tip carry a Power bank with a USB charger with a USB cable. There that slim now you can have it in your pocket and charge a spare battery while you carry on photographing.

Lens Wipes

Tip carry a few in your jacket, Ziess wipes are the best and can be expensive but the glass clears without touching the glass with a cloth. If you do wipe your glass never rub it dry, breath on it first and always start from the centre and move cloth round in a clockwise movement once.

Starlings Have Arrived

i love this time of the year when the Starlings arrive from Russia and congregate in our sycamore tree in the back garden. Most people do not see past the bird that strips the feeders. They are overlooked for being a pest but i do to photograph them at this time of year. They breed in and around the house and when the young fledge its a great time to photograph them as they all cram in tight in the small garden pond.

Take a look at the colours on the face and neck.

The Lovely Sharp G Master

When you have a choice of lens to fit to a 61mp camera you open up so many photographic opportunities. Its a joy to have a camera i can use and get so much joy out of, no need to look anywhere else for a long time to come. This is the first time in my career i have felt so at ease with my equipment and confident that what ever i film i have faith in the glass and the sensor that produce such amazing images, with detail up matched.

When you don’t need to Sharpen in post process it tells you one thing that the image is sharp enough. This is the first time when i edit that i just crop and maybe increase my exposure or shadow, other than that all my images are just right. I feel by using the A7r4 for Wildlife, Portrait, Street, Creative, Landscape and other styles of photography i have learned about the camera and no what it can produce. So by using the camera everyday for over 12 months has paid massive dividends.

100-400 G master with 1,4 ext fitted.

While out yesterday i wanted to test the 1.4 Ext on the 100-400 and just test it on a few random objects for image quality as i always think by adding more glass to any lens will effect IQ. So the Flag i took was at 100mm then 400mm then i used the APS-C mode.

So for anyone that is not familiar with the ext the lens becomes 140mm at 100mm, 400mm becomes 560mm and using the APS-C mode becomes 840mm

The last image is cropped to show the IQ you get after using the ext and cropping right in using the massive 61 mp

100-400 +1.4 EXT 560mm
100-400 + 1.4 ext using APS-C mode
Cropped from first image in set

All images were Handheld using Steadyshot mode 1.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of a camera that will capture images this far away.

The last images are of the little dog i captured running for its ball.

There was no ext fitted for these images.

Why i never!

Ever since I can remember I have never carried a camera in a bag, backpack or shoulder bag. It happened naturally just by picking up the camera you see things from when you walk out the door in the morning.

There are hundreds of instances where I can say for certain that I would not have got that image if the camera had been packed away in my expensive camera bag.

To be ready and react to a situation is from my Army days, you carried the Rifle in a manner where you could bring the rifle up and ready looking through the sights in secs.

So why do I never carry my camera that costs a good Β£6,000 round my neck and not in backpack. To be honest its not right to be critical of the other photographer’s but if we set the scene it will make more sense

I meet a mate outside a Nature reserve, we know that there has been sightings of a rare bird in the park. So he shows me his very nice Camo backpack that holds all his equipment.

We start to walk into the entrance to the park, as we walk my senses kick in, I hear a call from a bird, I am in my zone. We approach the bridge and while we talk about how nice the weather is I look down into the water to and see Grebe with 5 young on its back heads poking out in all directions.

I lift the camera to my eye, focus then fire 3 images off before they spot me and hide under the adults ploomage. My mate says what was it, nothing just a Grebe with 5 chicks on its back. Enough Said.

The Same Day

We sit and have a brew watching and waiting as we drink our coffee. My mate puts his camera in his bag as it starts to rain. I put my hat over the lens hood. Just as the rain falls a Comorant comes up with a huge fish in its mouth. I put my brew down pick my camera up and focus and take 3 images just as the bird tilts its head back and swallow’s the fish

My mate puts his brew down and finds the zip on his bag, opens it goes to get his camera out. The Comorant dives out of sight

The camera my mate carrys has Weather Sealing a protection that allows the photographer to be confident he can still use his Camera in the rain with worrying about causing any damage to it.

Personal Choice

I am not saying that there is a correct method to how you carry your equipment but if you see that Lifetime Image, that moment, that action shot, a Rare Bird or Animal. Who gets the image the man with the camera ready or the man with his gear pack away.?

Little Owl 2019

As I headed over the moors last year camera on my car seat I saw this Little Owl sitting in the morning Sun. I slowed down, stopped window already down I picked up my camera and focused in secs and got this image.

Short Eared Owl chasing a Barn Owl.

The position of the birds happen in a split second, being in the Alert position ready gave me my Lifetime Image I don’t think I will beat.

Why I Never.

The Beach Action Sony 100-400

Today with the sun shining made way along the coast slowly with the waves crashing in it felt lovely with the ice cold east wind blowing on my bald head, but feeling of walking again free with no worries about my right ankle it just felt great. I walked for about 3km and on the way i was looking out for people with dogs. The dog in full flight is great practice for panning and testing the different settings on the camera and glass.

So today instead of my trusty 200-600 i took the G Master 100-400 out with the Sony1.4 ext in my pocket. I soon found a lady with a young German shepherd who kindly let me take a few shots of it running for the ball. I used the Tracking Zone for these with the Green square locking onto the dog and never loosing focus, sadly the back ground was to busy so i was only happy with one image.

Sitting down for a while it was very quiet on the beach then i saw a Spaniel carrying a huge log from the sea, no it was not going to give it up so with the 100-400 it made life very easy to capture the action before it anyway near me.

What i love about the 7r4 is how far you can be away from your subject and still have the confidence to take a picture knowing you can crop until your hearts content and still retain fantastic image quality.

Then a lady came on the beach with a 18 month old dog that had a lovely coat on, so i asked her would it be ok to take some images of her dog. The first few were a bit to close so i let her walk up the beach and on her return i took some of the dog running towards me.

Making my way back to my car i noticed the Ferry out at sea a thought it would be a good idea to show people who are thinking of the Sony A7r4 how you can capture things way out in the distance. So i took 3 images of the ferry, the Ist image was at 100mm, then one at 400mm then using the APS-C mode i took the final one.

It is not a Rehearsal

There is now script to read or learn, you will play many leading parts. Your outfit will change from birth, size, colour, texture, the people in your long play will come and go, the location will change.

You will be sad for part, happy for others, be down then get up. Parts will be hard to play, others easy.

One life live it as they say, that sounds so easy. You can’t rewind it to make it better, or so it didn’t happen. Maybe you will learn quick others slow.

Some will have it hard from the start to finish, others will have the simple part where everything just falls into place. Some won’t find that all comes easy, they will stumble fall again and again.

Others will have the part cut short through now doing of their own, it wasn’t their fault, no chance to rectify it.

Some won’t see it coming, others will make it happen, but all of us have one thing in common.

Life is not a Rehearsal.

You get one chance.

Join me in being Grateful.

I used to grieve for things I didn’t have, now I am Grateful for all I have.

If your light goes out don’t worry it will shine brighter.

Being Grateful has changed me as a person, it didn’t cost anything it happened because a friend said to me.

Wake up and think what you have in your life, Say Thank you Out Loud. Being Grateful will bring a calm feeling to your life

I am so grateful for finding you on that cold October Night. Me and Ruth. A line i use everyday to me remind me what I didn’t have then had in my life.

Be Grateful for just being alive.

When you read this. Write down or say all the things you can be grateful of.


8000 Feathers.

White, Black, Grey and Red they make up the Congo African Grey Parrot. How someone knows how many feathers are on the body of the African Grey Parrot i don’t know.

But when your in love with birds and you communicate with them, film them, make wood carvings of them, listen to the songs they sing, the beauty they hold, the ritual and display they show, comes from holding them as a child.

Having a small baby Budgie in my hands as a boy, left a beautiful image in my mind.

When I fall asleep Stroking Bella on her neck and face is a wonderful experience and I still can’t believe my childhood dream has come true.


I am fascinated by her feather detail and colours, the light grey on her back, the white tiny feathers covering her face. The small feathers on her eyelids, Black flight feathers, and most of all the Red Tail Feathers.

They say lots of things in books about the CAG parrot and most what I read was true, but every bird is different and its all about how you rear them, letting them be part of the Flock is so important to give her confidence and this builds the bond between me and Bella.

Caring for any animal is %100 commitment or you shouldn’t bring them into your world. But when the communication between animal, bird happens its special in so many ways.

She sitts and turns her head when I talk, creating eye contact feathers point up a sign I know she is listening to me.

Bella concentration

As we approach 300 different sentences , songs, rhymes its no wonder there in the same league as the Dolphin, and Mountain Gorilla for intelligence.

But most of all for the affectionate nature she has for me. Bowing her head and wanting to be stroked is so pleasing and brings so much happiness to my heart.

People may say I am daft to wave at her when I leave the house and on my return. But then when she lifts her foot up and waves back you just stand in total amazement at her intelligence.


I look forward to updating you on an amazing Bird called Bella.

Sony A7r4.

Look at what 61mp can do when you use the 200-600 +1.4 Ext.

This image is from the bank of the lake with my phone, it puts into context what you can achieve using the APS.C mode. The Grey Heron is Dead Centreon a metal rail.

The second image is Cropped with no other editing done. Look at the detail you retain at f9.

Cropped only.