Portrait Photography

My model for today was Evie Rose and she looked beautiful for the photo session in the site woods today. I plan was to use the trees that are covered with green moss and Ivy. Taking into account it was very dull with limited natural light i had to work with higher ISO to get the pictures nice and sharp, but doing a recce before hand and showing Evie in a demonstration where to stand and did the trick.

The most important thing with a model is making them feel relaxed comfortable, making them laugh and telling them they look fantastic works a treat. We started with a old tree and just appearing from behind i focused on Evie face.

Evie behind the old tree

The second image was under a Acer tree looking out over the site pond.

Evie then sat on an old trunk covered with Ivy.

The final images was the classic between 2 tree’s looking out.

A big thank you to my granddaughter for helping me with my photography.

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