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Tag: 200-600.

Birds in flight 2020

Looking through my library from 2020 and can’t remember doing a blog on the different species I captured with restricted movement but still managed to get out and about with […]

Small but Elegant

The little Turnstone is such a joy to photograph wit its friendly nature you can get close to see its lovely plumage and with the right technique get some lovely […]

Sunday in the Sun

I wanted the Barn Owl i found yesterday lying in the log store to be buried in the best way i could think. It gave me so many beauty moments […]

Lay Back and Look To The Sky

waiting for my Owl to make a show i lay back and looked up at the blue sky, Buzzard Starlings Seagulls Rooks all pass by with no movement from the […]

How my day turned out

Arriving with a plan to set up a hide using natural material from the land. The field i am using is about the size of 3 football fields with dead […]

My Little Pond in the garden

Last summer when we were in lockdown i decided to make a small pond or should i say bath for the birds to drink from and have a bath from […]

Sony A7r4 200-600

The Barn Owl has a mate. This is the female Identified by brown spots or specs on her stomach. I place a pole in the ground 3 weeks ago and […]

Images To Bring A Smile

Over the years I have been fortunate to have captured some moments that just make you smile. Look through these images and see what caption you can come up with.

Blackie and Barn

As she came towards me with her wings spread the sun shone threw her feathers. Head and eyes looking into the pale brown grass. Ears listening for the slightest movement. […]

Sony A7r4.

Look at what 61mp can do when you use the 200-600 +1.4 Ext. This image is from the bank of the lake with my phone, it puts into context what […]

2020 Bird and Bee Captures

I thought it would be nice to look back at my gallery of wonderful birds i have photographed this year. Many are resident to the UK but a few arrive […]

A7r4 Settings Cody in Action

Hi folks I am here sharing my settings for anyone who has the A7r4 and is interested in trying out my action settings I start clean by Restting the Camera. […]

Photography Opens Another Door

My journey has taken me to many places, a few images hang on people’s walls given as a gift so people can enjoy tha capture, the moment, story and maybe […]

Sony 200-600 Steadyshot

Just a follow up to my Birds in flight settings, on the 200-600 I use mode 3 on the Lens. I know people say you don’t need it when shooting […]