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Tag: 7r4

Blackie and Barn

As she came towards me with her wings spread the sun shone threw her feathers. Head and eyes looking into the pale brown grass. Ears listening for the slightest movement. […]

2020 Bird and Bee Captures

I thought it would be nice to look back at my gallery of wonderful birds i have photographed this year. Many are resident to the UK but a few arrive […]

A7r4 Settings Cody in Action

Hi folks I am here sharing my settings for anyone who has the A7r4 and is interested in trying out my action settings I start clean by Restting the Camera. […]

In the Park with the Sony f1.8 85mm

I ventured out in a very dark heavy cloud base Stanley Park. Meeting my Stepdaughter at safe distance. I made a plan out of what image I wanted and talk […]

Photography Opens Another Door

My journey has taken me to many places, a few images hang on people’s walls given as a gift so people can enjoy tha capture, the moment, story and maybe […]

Sony A7r4 Settings Dogs in Action

After posting images of Daisy and Megan the Wippets i wanted to share the camera settings. My Settings RAW F6.3 1/3200-4000 Auto ISO from 100-2000 High Speed Burst Plus Metering […]

Grey Heron Gallery

The coast or lake Pond or river even your garden pond are hunting grounds for the Heron. I first came across the Heron on a river and quickly learned that […]