Bill and Beak!!

I am often asked what is the difference between a Beak and a Bill. Well the answer is easy there is no difference other than sometimes the Bill is referred to hook Bills. No bird has teeth but Swans and… Read More ›


The Bird Nest box I made Monday is up in the Sycamore tree. Today I am going to make the second one. This one will have a bigger hole as I want the Starlings to nest in it. The normal… Read More ›

Long Tailed Tit

This little bird is wonderful to photograph but hard as it moves back and forth looking for insectsvon the tree branches and leaves. I see it at my hide and around the site, in flocks all following each other. They… Read More ›


We meet again little Sparrow the time I put your food out is here, you wait patiently in the Holly tree sitting on the splintered branch. Your family watch you from my rooftop waiting for the sign, All is clear…. Read More ›

Ducksing on Ice

All these birds were giving a great show show for me when I arrived early on morning at Stanley Park near Blackpool. It was funny to see them still trying to land and walk on the Ice. Remember if it’s… Read More ›

The Teal

This very shy Duck appears near to where I live through the winter and is a welcome sight as winter for bird photography is very quiet. They gather when the tide goes out feeding on the mud that has morsals… Read More ›

The House Martin

When I was injured I went out looking for Owls on my scooter and came across a small pond with what thought we’re Swallows only to be informed after that they were House Martins. The evening was a nice one… Read More ›

The Daily Blog

The daily blog will be dedicated to the photography images captured around the site and on my daily outings. This could be anything that my followers will find interesting, and not just animals, birds, insects and flowers. Keeping it interesting… Read More ›

The Jay

The Jay flew into the hide area. I could not wait to capture the bird with the pink plumage and bright blue feathers. They came for peanuts on the tree stump and once found, they would return until all the… Read More ›