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What is our Purpose

Lately I have been thinking deeply about what is the purpose of life, what are we doing in our time on the ever changing planet. One that I think In […]

February Gallery

What a fantastic month it ghas been, yes lots of wind and rain but you only need a quick plan of action and you can be with nature. With many […]

Sunday in the Sun

I wanted the Barn Owl i found yesterday lying in the log store to be buried in the best way i could think. It gave me so many beauty moments […]

What makes a Snap.

Can you guess the story behind the image itook in 2013. It’s called don’t pack your kit away until you are in your car, or away from the area you […]

Answer The Question

When you pick up your phone or compact, Bridge or DSLR mirrorless Crop Sensor or Full Frame there is a reason we do it Do you make a plan and […]

When the sun shines

So the sun comes out and the camera is ready for action. Off to where the Grey Heron nests evey February. The area is not that good for the field […]

Nice Feelings

Have you ever wondered what makes us feel so content and filled with nice feelings. Feelings that you should be grateful for. You can have material things that make you […]

Good Day To You All

Where ever you are on our crazy planet, I wish you a good day, and go forth and find your dream. Your dream the one that will fill your heart […]

Natures Surprise

Treading carefully the small country path team me deeper into the forest. The mist had cleared as I looked into the distance at fields of deep green English grass. The […]

Dawn is my time.

The feeling of being the only one up and feeling free and breathing in the fresh morning air is one of the best feelings there can be. Its my time […]

The Barn Owl Close Up detail

This is a look at the Barn Owl body and the different parts of her body. The head. tail feathers wing feathers and the face. Its beauty at its best […]

Feb Day 7 Photo Challenge

The Ruler Plastic Metal Wood Ivory so many different rulers are made to measure and assist us in our daily tasks. I find it so amazing that the oldest Ruler […]

The Owl Diving

My passion for the Barn Owl goes beyond words and to capture this silent hunter in her natural habitat is amazing and so interesting. I have never seen the movement […]

Feb Day 6 Photo Challenge

1 for sorrow. 2 for joy 3 for Girl 4 for a boy 5 for silver 6 for gold 7 for a secret never to be told. The Magpie is […]

Feb Day 5 Photo Challenge

The African Grey Parrot has 8000 feathers. How someone would know this i don’t know but its very interesting to know as I own one called Bella who is 2 […]

Feb Day 2 Photo Challenge

Larry Grason said Shut That Door. I let my dog out for a toilet. I let the New Year in through the back door then the front. Is that the […]

February 28 Day Photo Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to capture a different photograph every day for the month of February. Covering everything using both Sony and Fuji. My Aim is to photograph […]