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Tag: owls

What makes a Photographer

Wildlife photography is sort by millions and in todays digital world, is there a true understanding of what it takes to be a true wildlife photographer. The gear is just […]

Sunday I was Naughty.

I drove my car to a place where I had seen the Barn Owl last March. I parked up and as I approached the field my mouth dropped as I […]

My Love For The Barn Owl

Out of all the birds other than my beloved Bella CAG. There is one bird that I dream of, make wood carvings of, post regular the images I have captured […]

Ron never forgets this moment

The feeling was one of pleasure never witnessed before, a time never to be repeated. Love the images of these my All time Favourite Bird.

The World Awaiting

Still now my sister you are ok we will fly like mum soon hunting silently like a ghost in the night


My love for the Owl is so string I dream of next year, the summer nights, when I find a Tawny, Little, Short Eared or my all time favourite the […]

Countryside Rhyme

I Looked at my watch at a quarter to 3 as i sat down in Bluebell wood under the tree. The woods were dark the sky was to, a Rabbit […]

My Owl Images

My first owl image was in 2013. I was two miles from my house when sighting of a short Eared Owl hit the grapevine. Whilst looking for Waxwings, a man […]

Wildlife Hide

When I first started out in photography, I never dreampt that I would have such special experiences. Back in 2014, we purchased a Static Van on Goodenbergh Country Holiday Park […]