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On my photography journey there are times when you come across a subject that you are privileged to find, by chance or by word of mouth. When that happens you […]

Great Spotted Woodpecker

My Static van will always have very lasting effect on me because the birds I filmed were many, and ones I won’t get close to again. When I say that […]

When Eyes meet 2

So the Owl is in my best top ten but it is not only the Owl that fascinated me on my journey with nature. Take the Dragon Fly insect that […]

2020 Bird and Bee Captures

I thought it would be nice to look back at my gallery of wonderful birds i have photographed this year. Many are resident to the UK but a few arrive […]

Long Tailed Tit

This little bird is wonderful to photograph but hard as it moves back and forth looking for insectsvon the tree branches and leaves. I see it at my hide and […]

The Comorant.

I fisherman’s nightmare but a bird that fishes in the lakes and rivers. Most of the summer there away from the UK then turn up in the winter. Stanley Park […]

Beautiful Red

We ventured off the road and down a track, looking down into a lovely valley with a stream. Sheep covered the whole valley. The baby lambs were older, and played […]