The Barn Owl

This page will be dedicated to the Barn Owl a bird that i have filmed for many years. And my tales and camera settings i use while shooting.

About to strike

I have used many different set ups to date, when filming birds in flight and I understand when choosing to use Manual on any camera it has its challenges.

Saying that I really do trust in this mode as it allows me total control over the camera. So yes the light changes and you have to make adjustments but its not hard once you understand what your camera likes.


I think many photographers have been in the situation when they know the light is good and tinker with ISO and Shuuter settings. So my latest outing to a secret location on my own with no contact with anyone turned into a long day sat in the cold.

The Bird i was waiting for usually makes an appearance within the hour but wildlife being unpredictable it never showed.

So as you do i sat and tinkered with settings taking images of posts and objects and looking at the results.


An Aperture i have never used is f7.1 and for some reason I had set it to this together with a Shutter speed of 1/3200 and ISO 1250.

So that was my Exposure Triangle for these images. Not realising that when I got home every image was in focus.

I was not that shocked at the results as I know what this camera and lens are capable of. Together with good light and a kind background it produced my best keep rate since owning the A7r4.

Silent Hunter
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